Notable Cases

Singapore International Commercial Court

Baker vs. BCS Business Consulting Services

In re PT Garuda Indonesia

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

In re Nellson Nutraceutical, 06-10072

In re American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc., 07-11047

In re Pope & Talbot, Inc., 07-11738

In re Delta Financial Corp., 07-11880

In re Linens ‘n Things, Inc., 08-10832

In re Archway Cookies, LLC, 08-12323

In re Downey Financial Corp., 08-13041

In re Chicago Sun-Times Inc., 09-11092

In re Visteon Corp., 09-11786

In re Premier International Holdings, Inc. dba Six Flags, 09-12019

In re Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, 09-13560

In re Capmark Financial Group Inc., 09-13684

In re Leslie Controls, Inc., 10-12199

In re Satelites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V., 11-11035

In re Saab Cars North America, Inc., 12-10344

In re Elpida Memory, Inc., 12-10947

In re ASHINC Corp., 12-11564

In re Southern Air Holdings, Inc., 12-12690

In re Central European Distribution Corp., 13-10738

In re Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd., 13-12159

In re Furniture Brands International, 13-12329

In re PMGI Holdings Inc. dba Penthouse, 13-12404

In re USEC Inc. dba U.S. Enrichment Corp., 14-10475

In re Energy Future Holdings Corp., 14-10979

In re The Wet Seal, Inc., 15-10081

In re Cal Dive International, Inc., 15-10458

In re Molycorp, Inc., 15-11357

In re Horsehead Holding Corp., 16-10287

In re Paragon Offshore Drilling, LLC, 16-10386

In re Maxus Energy Corp., 16-11501

In re True Religion Apparel, Inc., 17-11460

In re Charming Charlie Holding, Inc., 17-12906 and 19-11534

In re Gibson Brands, Inc., 18-11025

In re Mattress Firm, Inc., 18-12241

In re LBI Media, 18-12655

In re CTI Foods, LLC, Case No. 19-10497

In re MTE Holdings LLC, 19-12269

In re Anna Holdings dba Acosta, 19-12551

In re Borden Dairy Co., 20-10010

In re Exide Technologies, 20-11157

In re APC Automotive, 20-11466

In re Lucky Brand Dungarees, 20-11768

In re Extraction Oil, 20-11548

In re Brooks Brothers, 20-11785

In re EHT US1, Inc. (Eagle Hospitality), 21-10036

In re HighPoint Resources, 21-10565